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darkwoods, a little bit about us
We are crazy... at least this is what it seems... music in general, but sale and distribution by the so called traditional channels particularly are in its worst moment... new technologies, illegal downloads, abusive prices, a new business model... we are not going to discuss about it, it’s a reality, but we still believe in the validity of music in physical format, furthermore we think that this is the irreplaceable real way of enjoying entirely what our favorite bands offer us, keeping the quality both in music level and in presentation, because a music album is a whole pack, it’s conceived as a whole pack, and you have to enjoy it as a whole pack...
Despite we have just begun with Darkwoods, we are not new in the extreme music scene, we had been working for many year with some of the best Spanish bands in different areas, but maybe the most known could be our magazine, Vampiria Magazine, one of the most senior ones in our scene that it’s still alive in digital format, gathering really good results every month...
To establishing a label/distributor has been in our minds since many years, an idea that has matured and shaped due all those years we have been in the “backstage”, talking with bands, labels and ‘zines to know how things work in this business and, overall, what can we do to improve it, at least if it could be in our hands... so we are going to do things in our own way, it’s not a new or original way, but it’s just our own way...
The first decision was easy, focus our efforts in those genres we love more, pagan metal and its different forms, viking, celtic, heathen, folk... of course the black metal projects in sound, but pagans in spirit will be always welcomed, and also those breaking black metal bands, avantgarde, post-black... or the essential classic albums... you will find works from other genres as well, from death to doom or ambient, but always searching for the highest quality level...
Because there is a rule that we always are going to keep, in Darkwoods we are going only to offer those albums that we should buy at the price we should pay for them... obviously musical taste is something very subjective, but we think this is the most honest way to treating our customers, doing a previous selection and offering only what we like and a reasonable price...
As label we have things really clear as well, work with high-quality bands and release short editions as special as possible... as example, our first reference, the DVD which Foscor, on of the best Spanish black metal bands, celebrates their tenth anniversary, released in a very limited hand-numbered A3 digifile with an amazing artwork and two A5 posters inside... we have done two t-shirt designs as well that you can find in our store individually or as a part of a pack along with the DVD... and we want to continue by this path, with quality as a banner in every aspect...
To develop this project in the digital camp, we have count on again with our mates from PuertaOskura, who done the Vampiria Magazine website and already have develop the ones for some of the best Spanish labels such as Pathologically Explicit Recordings, Xtreem Music, Shop Circus, Die Todesrune Records or Grotesque Music... this guys have done some of the best websites we have seen in the extreme metal scene, and again they have done their best...
So stay tuned ‘cause we have come to stay, bringing you little black metal jewels closer, always under the best possible conditions and at the best price, trying to be close to the essence of the mythic Misanthropy Records or the first epoch of Avantgarde Music, where music and only music was truly important...
Daniel Kavanagh
on behalf of Darkwoods
January 2012
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