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WEEK CCXLV     [2016/10/04]:
Covering the day with the most hidden and primitive darkness, we have the huge pleasure to announce the incorporation of the devils Cauldron to our roster for the forthcoming release of Regnum-Phobos, their second full-length album and, without any doubt, one of the most expected works of the last lustrum, to be released by the end of 2016.
With the Spanish demons presentations are not needed... formed back in the dawn of the nineties, it’s one of the few bands from our scene that really grown up close to the original essence of the true Black Metal, an essence to whom they have been always faithful, paying off with their great and indispensable debut album Aker in 2001, a true cornerstone of Black Metal in our country.
Fifteen years after, and with a totally renewed lineup in which the drummer Thanatos is the only former member, Cauldron, far from reinventing or selling themselves to the new trends, have recorded one of the most somber and inscrutable albums that we have listened to in the past years, nine authentic hymns to the darkness and the beings that live there, the Sons of the Abyss reappear once again to pull us to the night...
In the coming weeks we will analyze little by little this absolute ode to the Horned One called Regnum-Phobos thoroughly, as well as we will advance more news about its edition and the releasing date, so stay tuned to our website and social networks...
WEEK CCXLIV     [2016/09/27]:
It’s a really pleasure for us to announce the renewal of our alliance with the masters Perennial Isolation for the release of their amazing third full-length album entitled Epiphanies of the Orphaned Light in a date yet to be set at the end of 2016.
Those who have the luck of attending to one of their latest shows have probably been gifted with one of their new songs and will have appreciate the great evolution that the band has experimented, once again, since the Astral Dream release...
The I. and M. incorporation on six-strings have meant a huge change in the music of the Spanish horde, their Black Metal is now more intense, more atmospheric, much more solid and epic, and over them the V.’s drumsticks sound more powerful and complex than ever and the A.’s voice more brutal, varied and forceful, showing definitely Perennial Isolation on the top of their career.
So, with Epiphanies of the Orphaned Light the band continues with their tireless and so personal search of the perfect balance between aggressiveness and melancholy, between gross power and the most delicate of the essences, without falling into artifices, just pure atmospheric Black Metal one hundred per cent connected with nature, just pure Perennial Isolation...
Soon you will have more details about this new masterpiece of the Spanish combo, its edition and the releasing date, so stay tuned to our website and social networks...
WEEK CCXXX     [2016/06/22]:
It’s obvious that you were waiting for it anxiously, never before we got such amount of mails and private messages asking for a copy after announcing a new releasing... well, we are not going to keep you waiting, for now on you can preorder your copy of Nox Microcosmica (A Compendium of Rare and Introspective Songs), the so personal new EP by the magicians Lux Divina through our webstore.
As usual on Darkwoods, you will find two different versions, a really complete first Collector’s Edition on cardboard box with tons of extras and a second one, let’s call “standard”, although it is not, on jewelcase format... on this occasion, both versions are limited and hand-numbered, to 75 copies for the first one and to 300 for the second one, and they come with totally different and exclusive artworks, but complementary at one hundred per cent, keeping the same absolutely mythic aesthetic scenery developed by the genius Norax for this work.
In next posts we will go deeper into both versions, as well as the new and amazing t-shirt we have done in a very limited print run, with the cover of the “standard” edition as main motif, that will be available, individually or within a pack, ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY during preorder period... so your time will come to an end in order to get your t-shirt (or pack with t-shirt) on next July 26th when Nox Microcosmica will be officially released, what are you waiting for?!?
WEEK CCXXX     [2016/06/20]:
We are back with the custodians of the woods Lux Divina, because we have set the official release date for Nox Microcosmica (A Compendium of Rare and Introspective Songs), next July 26th!!
As you already know, Nox Microcosmica features six explicitly unreleased songs unveiled exclusively for this release, with which the band explores, as never before, the so characteristic duality in their music between pagan black metal and acoustic folk metal.
The first three tracks, including an amazing Enslaved cover version, are songs revisited from the album recording sessions, showing the harder and pagan side of the band. The last three ones, recorded in 2016 and featuring Falke (Foscor, Fayrierie...) as guest guitar, are beautiful and introspective acoustic folk songs with clean vocal lines, in the vein of Ulver or Empyrium masterpieces. The whole pack was finally mastered by Javi Bastard at the infamous Moontower Studios.
Nox Microcosmica (A Compendium of Rare and Introspective Songs) will be released by Darkwoods on a double limited edition that will be fully detailed in a few days, but stay tuned, you can preorder your copy from this Wednesday, June 22th!! And beware to the exclusive special package deal available only during preorder period!!
WEEK CCXXIX     [2016/06/15]:
It’s a pleasure for us to announce the second of Darkwoods’ summer releases, To Shine, To Rebel, the amazing second full-length album by the surprising hermetic Nemesis Occulta...
Coming out from the cold and rainy Bilbao (Spain), Nemesis Occulta move themselves through the most intricate, tortuous and twisting edge of Black Metal with an absolutely dark and discarnate sound, leaving not a single ounce of the aggressiveness and powerful of the purest Scandinavian essence.
Their great debut Bleak was already an immense surprise for the fans of the genre, a work that was lately completed and revamped as Temple of Desolation, but this new one called To Shine, To Rebel are strong words in every aspect... a totally impressive album, dense, opaque, impenetrable, without any fissures, with which the Basques have taken an immense step forward.
If you enjoy with bands such as Deathspell Omega, Dodecahedron, Svartidauði, Aosoth or the great Carpe Noctem, you cannot miss this masters under no circumstance, Nemesis Occulta blend the best of the Icelandic, Nordic and French scenes, the most creative ones nowadays, to build an amazing and personal journey full of symbolism to the everyday underworld...
Expect additional news regarding this exciting work in the coming days, as well as its releasing date, so keep posted to our website and social networks!!
WEEK CCXXVIII     [2016/06/09]:
Four years after its birthday, Darkwoods reaches its tenth reference... there is no better gift than celebrating alongside with one of our favorite bands, to which we have seen grow and become well renowned since their earlier stages, the great Catalan pagans Lux Divina...
And, as usual in our label, this will not be a standard edition... Norax and his warriors have awarded us with an impressive collection of songs, working as a hinge between their two first albums and the third one still to come, mixing old tracks and new ones recorded specifically for this edition, including amazing collaborations!, and all of them with a common attribute, being explicitly unreleased.
You already know how we enjoy taking care of our releases, always trying to offer something more regarding artwork and format, this plus that definitely makes the difference. And to walk along, just for this time, with one of the best illustrator coming up from Spain, Norax, it’s an enormous opportunity that we couldn’t let pass us by so, without revealing anything yet about the whole artwork, what we can assure is that this will be our most spectacular edition up to date.
There will come more news, a video premiere and we will go soon deeper into the EP content, by now just remember its name, Nox Microcosmica (A Compendium of Rare and Introspective Songs), to be out on July 2016 always though Darkwoods...
WEEK CCXXIV     [2016/05/11]:
Darkwoods is proud to announce that Recolleita dos Demos que han de ser Esquecidos, the wonderful compilation with the three recordings done up to date by the amazing Celtic pagans Mileth, is finally out!!
As you know, Recolleita dos Demos que han de ser Esquecidos comes in a single and beautiful edition on a deluxe A5 sized digifile, that also includes a 6-pages fold-out booklet with the magical designs of Xoio Carmesí, and it’s limited to only 66 hand-numbered copies!!

WEEK CCXXIII     [2016/05/03]:
Bagpipes are already sounding in the distance, the wind is now whispering in Galician... it’s barely ten days until Recolleita dos Demos que han de ser Esquecidos, the compilation with all the recordings done up to date by the amazing pagans Mileth, sees the light of the day, on next Wednesday, May 11, but preorders are already being accepted from now on through our website.
As we announced, Recolleita dos Demos que han de ser Esquecidos will be released through Darkwoods in a single and beautiful edition limited to only 66 hand-numbered copies, on a deluxe A5 sized digifile that also includes a 6-pages fold-out booklet, everything for the first time on CD!!
All preorders will be shipped on May 11 coinciding with the Recolleita dos Demos que han de ser Esquecidos official releasing.
WEEK CCXXII     [2016/04/25]:
Guys, today is the day... from now on you can preorder your copy from E.V.N.A.R., the violently bleeding debut full-length album of the Spanish-Slovenian combo EvnaR, through our website.
We are sure that the exceptional limited to 66 copies collector’s edition on cardboard box with tons of bonuses will flew up in a matter of days, like the vinyl edition from which only the first 50 copies come with a free poster, so don’t overthink too much!!
As a final surprise, we have done a very limited t-shirt print run, with the cover as main motif, that will be available, individually or within a pack, ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY during preorder period, so your time will come to an end on next May 24th when “E.V.N.A.R.” will be officially released, what are your waiting for?!?
As if that was not enough, and only during preorder period as well, you can find all the Between the Frost stuff, the other superb band from Román and JM, with 20% off in our mailorder catalogue!!
More info and detail pictures about all the articles:

WEEK CCXXI     [2016/04/21]:
It’s the time for our most folkish side, for bagpipes, hurdy-gurdys, bodhráns, celtic stories... it’s the time for the Galicians Mileth, for whom we already have official release date for their Recolleita dos Demos que han de ser Esquecidos, on next May 11!!
Probably we are talking about the last diamond in the rough emerged from Galician lands, a band that blends pagan metal with the purest and most traditional Celtic folklore like none other, collecting, for the first time on CD, all the recordings done by the band up to date, Cancioneiro da Enxebre Escuridade from 2012 and Mitolóxica Errante from 2014, both with remastered sound, with a new one, Daqueles Vellos Ósos onde Morre a Vida, recorded on 2015, five tracks in total of pure magic, emotions and melancholy, pure Galician “morriña”...
For the artwork we have recovered one of our favorite formats, the A3 sized digifile, and this time it comes with an amazing 6-pages fold-out booklet, everything developed by the usual designer of the band, Xoio Carmesí, who have gave it the dark and nostalgic wonderful touch of all of his works...
Recolleita dos Demos que han de ser Esquecidos will be released by Darkwoods in a single and beautiful edition limited to only 66 hand-numbered copies on next May 11, although you will be able to preorder your copy from next Tuesday 3 through our website...
WEEK CCXXI     [2016/04/19]:
We finally announce that the official release date for E.V.N.A.R., the debut full-length album of the Spanish-Slovenian combo EvnaR, is set on next May 24!!
In EvnaR, Román and JM (Between the Frost), with the help of the impressive Slovenian drummer Robert Kovačič (Belphegor, Obduktion, Nothnegal), have shaped a true demolishing beast of pure and authentic Blackened Death Metal. We can put it, without any doubt, on top of the genre and will please fans of bands such as Behemoth, Belphegor, God Dethroned or Vader, just cruelty in the form of quickness, technique and pure class!!
Recorded with patience and infinite dedication for one year in different recordings studios from Spain and Slovenia, E.V.N.A.R. was finally mastered by the mighty Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio in Sweden. Those who have already watched the advance video track know what we are talking about, quality, strength and brutality in its purest form!!
As always, we have taken care of the artwork to the last detail, counting one more time on César Valladares’ pencils (Asphyx, Balmog, Graveyard, Nominon...) for the cover, Mike Hrubovcak (Monstrosity, Vile, Hypoxia...) for the band’s logo design, and finally el dios perezoso (Foscor, Numen, Xerión, Perennial Isolation...) gave the final touch and shape to the different versions in which E.V.N.A.R. will be released.
Fix in your mind the official release date, May 24th, but in just one week you will be able to preorder your copy and get access to an exclusive special package deal available only during preorder period, starting April 25th!!!
WEEK CCXX     [2016/04/12]:
Darkwoods is proud to announce that Sunt Lacrimae Rerum, the debut full-length album by UR, the most personal project of the Basque musician Arghura (Nakkiga, Lúpulo, Arghura Zine), is finally out!!
We want to remember that Sunt Lacrimae Rerum comes in a single jewelcase edition with an 8-pages booklet and the wonderful Sparganum’s drawings, and it’s limited to only 200 hand-numbered copies!!
And don’t forget to have a look to Arghura’s previous albums and side-projects, most of them almost sold-out!!

WEEK CCXIX     [2016/04/08]:
Ok, we are going straight to the point and give you details about the three different versions in which E.V.N.A.R. will be released next May. As you know, this is the debut album from the heartless EvnaR, to be for sure one of the top extreme metal releases in 2016.
Darkwoods, through its sub-label Winter Demons, will release two different CD versions. The first one, as usual, limited to only 75 hand-numbered copies presented on a wonderful black cardboard box with the band’s logo silkscreened on its cover. Inside you will find the CD in a luxurious and exclusive 5” oversized digifile with high-gloss finish, an 8-pages booklet and an amazing A3 sized poster to enjoy César Valladares’ drawing in all its glory. A pure collector’s edition for the most devoted fans and those who enjoy delicate gems.
The second CD version will come on the lifetime classic jewelcase with black tray, so old-school, so EvnaR, with 8-pages booklet where you can appreciate the great details of Cesar’s fine pencils much better. 500 copies pressed.
The Vinyl Division will release the limited to 300 copies vinyl version, with exclusive pure black and white artwork, one hundred-per-cent old-school, with insert and vinyl cover. First 50 copies will come exclusively with an A3 sized poster too.
Official release date and preorder coming next week, so stay tuned!!
WEEK CCXVIII     [2016/03/30]:
We have official release date for Sunt Lacrimae Rerum, the debut full-length album of the Spanish horde UR, next April 12!!
After three short-recordings, Sunt Lacrimae Rerum means a big step ahead in the Arghura’s career with his project UR, five long tracks of amazing pagan black metal sung as always in Euskera, full of such powerful, such rawness and such sensibility only available to very few, revealing that UR is undeniably in its best moment...
For the artwork, Arghura this time count on the Sparganum, giving us an impressive collection of drawings full of symbolism, representing the different concepts behind the five tracks of the album, as advanced, based on old stories in the times of the Roman Empire: the fights between Barca and Scipio, the legend of the British queen Boudicca...
Sunt Lacrimae Rerum will be released by Darkwoods in a single and beautiful jewelcase edition limited to only 300 hand-numbered copies on next April 12, although you can preorder your copy from this next Monday 4 through our website...
WEEK CCXVIII     [2016/03/28]:
We once had announced the releasing of what will be, without any doubt, one of the albums of 2016, the debut of the Spanish horde EvnaR... there are great news about it, so it’s the time to catch up on, the work of the last months is finally paying off...
Even though we still have no definitely date for its releasing, we can already advance that the album will be out before summer for sure, probably along May, everything will depend on the delivery date, still to be confirmed, of its vinyl edition...
Yes, you have read it well, E.V.N.A.R. will be released on black vinyl too thanks to the agreement reached with the just launched new label The Vinyl Division, a new and very interesting project that counts on people from this house that will try to became, little by little, as a true reference for all lovers of vinyl and extreme metal, so they have our full support from day one, we only hope it will be the first of many collaborations, guys!!
In a few days we will have ready the first video with a full song in advance, and more details about the vinyl and both CD editions will come in the coming weeks, they promised to be a true collector’s item, so keep tuned to our website and social networks!!
WEEK CCXVII     [2016/03/23]:
Many of you have asked us lately when the new Darkwoods release will be ready, there is needs of pagan sounds... well, we have great news for you today, in duplicate, it’s a really pleasure for us to announce that we have just signed to two of the most promising bands of current Spanish metal scene, the Basque UR and the Galician Mileth...As probably you already know, UR is the personal project of the mighty Arghura (Nakkiga, Lupulo, Arghura Zine...), an essential key of the Basque scene since many years with which it’s a really pleasure to count on him again. What we have in our hands it’s, no more no less, his debut full-length, Sunt Lacrimae Rerum, a really compact album with one hundred per cent Arghura sound, epic, pagan and thrilling, based on old legends of fight and honor in the times of the Roman Empire, both in Hispania and Britania, which literally it’s a bombshell!!
The Gallician Mileth are definitely a soft spot to us since we discovered them a few years ago. The really personal way of blending pagan metal with the legends and traditions of their homeland makes them as a unique band in which big part of the metal press have their eyes on. And the fact of touring with Negură Bunget or Månegarm just proves it. With Mileth we are preparing something quite different, a collection of all the recording they have done up to date for the first time on CD, Recolleita dos Demos que han de ser Esquecidos.
Both editions are actually on the pressing plant, expect additional news in the coming days as well as their releasing dates, so keep posted to our website and social networks!!
WEEK CXCIX     [2015/11/17]:
We are back with the masters Between the Frost because we can already announce the official releasing date for From the Roots, the next December 21, although you will be able to get your copy on preorder from December 4 through the Darkwoods website...
But, what exactly From the Roots is? As we advanced a couple of weeks ago, it’s a tribute to the Death Black Metal’s golden age, to the decade of the nineties, at the same time when Between the Frost was founded and recorded their first tunes. So, From the Roots gathers four true mythic hymns taken from their debut album Instinct of Surliness, entirely re-recorded by the actual line-up, along with two new songs undeniably filled by the spirit and the primordial magic of the nineties.
And that’s not all, to round off this impressive returning to their geneses, the first From the Roots edition (beware, limited!!) will come with the true origin of the band, a bonus CD with the first and only demo recorded by Between the Frost on 1996 previous to their debut album, the original stuff cleansed and well-polished by JM himself (guitar and founder member of the band) exclusively for this edition and for the first time on CD.
As you see, From the Roots promises to be a really special album for everyone who enjoys with the music of the Spanish masters from their early days, as well as to those who have found them a little bit later... it’s a pause on the road, an encounter with old feelings and sounds, or the best moment to discover, or re-discover, one of the best bands coming out from Spain.
The album is already on plant, so keep an eye to our website and social networks in the coming days because we will soon announce the tracklist, the cover and we will post a full song for you to start to enjoy...
WEEK CXCVIII     [2015/11/10]:
It’s the time to get serious, the announcement we bring you today is one of the most important in the yet short history of Darkwoods. We just have inked a deal with the last and most dazzling gem of the Spanish underground metal scene, the band that, for sure, will give people plenty to talk about in the next 2016, EvnaR, for the releasing of their debut full-length album in the following weeks.
Even perhaps they don’t ring a bell for everybody, EvnaR is the first project of the brothers Román and JM before founding Between the Frost, an idea they restarted after the leaving of the vocalist from the already mythic Spanish band. Then, together with the well-known Slovak drummer Robert Kovačič, an incredible machine with the drumsticks that has played with first-class bands such as Belphegor, Obduktion or Nothnegal, they have composed, beyond any doubt, the best Black Death Metal album ever recorded in our country, a work with which they definitely have broken the molds, with such a quality, a technic and a sound production that has nothing to envy to the Polish scene, the Finnish or the American one, brutal, intense and absolutely prodigious.
In many occasions we have said “this not fit with a pagan label like Darkwoods”... but, when you get a band like EvnaR in the way and grind you, from the bottom to the top, with such exquisite high-class and clairvoyance, it’s absolutely impossible to say no, even if you have to launch a new division in the label almost specifically for them. For different reasons it’s the last band to be announced, but EvnaR is the origin from our sub-label Winter Demons (in fact, from all our sub-labels), and with them we seal the first circle of bands with a closer sound to Death Metal.
It’s a great present for us to release an album that is far above to what Darkwoods means at present, we only hope that, without exception, all of you let yourself encouraged for their immense powerful and quality, believe me when I say that it will be so far the album of the year, no doubt...
Soon you will have detailed information about this masterpiece, its edition and the releasing date, as well as an advance, so stay tuned to our website and social networks!!
WEEK CXCVI     [2015/10/30]:
It’s a great privilege for us to announce today the incorporation of the legendary Black Death Metal band Between the Frost to our roster, beyond any doubt, one of the absolutely essential names of the Spanish metal scene finally ends up at Darkwoods.
Formed in the beginning of the nineties, Between the Frost has inked with golden letters the history of Black Metal in our country, not only for being one of the first bands playing it, mostly for the enormous quality and brilliance of their proposal, as well as for the immaculate trajectory they have carried on along the years with a masterful succession of albums that made them as one of the most prestigious bands of the Spanish scene and one of the mostly recognized one at an international level.
If Instinct of Surliness is already a legendary album for all who was fortunate to experience at first hand the nineties scene in Spain, Realms of Desolation or their most recent album Inferno's Conflagration are two big examples that we have in our hands one of the most powerful and solid bands playing Black Death Metal that, after more than twenty years of their foundation, the myth is strongest and powerful than ever...
Their so expected fourth full-length album Above a Kingdom Under the Sands will be here soon, probably in the first semester of 2016, before this we are preparing a so personal opus in which we have been working side by side with the band in the last months with the idea of doing something so special for all the fans that are supporting Between the Frost since the beginning, because it carry us back in time to their first and brilliant era, connecting us with the days of their demo, with the days of the legendary Instinct of Surliness...
Stay tuned because, in only a few days we will have ready a little teaser at our YouTube channel, and I can promise that, only listening the three first rhythms, you will know perfectly what you have under your eyes...
WEEK CXCII     [2015/10/02]:
As you see, it didn’t take us long to be absolutely fascinated for the whole quality Hyban Draco hoard up, how every single song shines in this new and overhauled vision of Where All Illusions Die, so we simply gone for it, starting to put ideas upon the table in order to get, if possible, a more attractive and complete edition.
It’s true that the Black Metal these guys play, so close artistically to the technical Death Metal, is a genre we have never worked with in Darkwoods. The band neither fits well with the elitist underground Black Metal philosophy that our sublabel, Darkness Within, has been acquiring by itself over the time, so we finally decided to launch a new division centered, as we call it, in the “near death experiences”, Winter Demons, also thinking in two other bands from which you will hear soon.
The response of Hyban Draco/ never ceased to amaze us... to begin with, they decided to enter the studio again in order to record a new song, a bonus track for this special edition we always do in Darkwoods. The chosen song was Infernal, a true classic from the earlier stages of the band, an amazing song even then that now sounds with such intensity and colossal power... Where All Illusions Die couldn’t has been better concluded.
But that’s not all, they also contacted with the great photographer Rakel García from RFH Photography (Foscor, Lux Divina, Redimoni, Moonloop, Riot of Violence...) in order to shoot a new photo session both for the artwork and the promotion, with an amazing results that we are showing you little by little.
With all the stuff compiled, we only have to leave the graphic process in the hands of our bedside designer, el dios perezoso from PuertaOskura (Foscor, Numen, Xerión, Perennial Isolation...), that finally joined every single piece, the art of César Valladares, the gaze of Rakel García, and with the band’s guidelines he assembled two different amazing artworks, each one with its own identity and its own features, for the both editions with which this so expected new Where All Illusions Die version will see, very soon, the light of the day.
Be sure to visit our website and social networks, in just a few days we will announce its releasing date as well as when preorders will be accepted, the dragon is on the threshold...
WEEK CXCI     [2015/09/25]:
We are going to start the disembowelment of our first collaboration with the Spanish blackers Hyban Draco.
As we explained just a few days ago, the band was rather dissatisfied with the result of their latest full-length album, Where All Illusions Die, above all on the production level, and that fact made this third step on the Hyban Draco’s history not to be totally closed at all.
And the point of non-conformism and absolute perfectionism they have for their music pushed them to restart it again, disemboweling it from top to bottom, and this time was Hyban Sparda himself, voice and guitar player of the band, as well as its founder member, who little by little was rebuilding it at the studio.
Soon he noticed that they should need to re-record again many parts in order to get exactly the sound the wanted, and one change led another one, each improvement come the next one, and finally all drum lines, one of the element with which they were more dissatisfied, as well as all vocal lines were totally re-recorded and improved, at a technical-instrumental as much as a production level.
As a final step, Hyban made a new and deeper master, with far superior equipment to the original one, reaching this so desired clear and crystalline sound they looked for from the beginning, a sound that now allows you to discern each and every multiple technical details the album contains. After so much effort and several work months, finally in 2015 Where All Illusions Die sounds exactly like the band had in mind since its conception.
To complete this colossal remodeling of their third opus, Hyban Draco contacted with the amazing illustrator César Valladares in order to remake the original cover of the album with his pencils, and this so personal touch of the great Spanish illustrator put the cherry on the cake.
It’s now the time to make our tiny contribution to this great opus doing a top-level edition for the band, an edition that is currently on the press plant and that we will discover for you all in just a few days... so keep an eye to our website as well as to our social networks, the time of the dragon is today even closer...
WEEK CXCI     [2015/09/22]:
Darkness Within is proud to announce that the magnificent physical edition of Crowland, the second Wulfheim’s full-length album, is finally out!!
A gem of eight really intense trademark songs, including the most extreme cover version ever done of the Gods Bathory, an album that until now could be only listened, and with a really bad sound, in digital format.
Crowland is presented in two different editions:
Special edition:
66 hand-numbered copies on oversized deluxe 3-panel digifile with high-gloss finish. The CD comes, and only for this edition, in exclusive shinning black polycarbonate.
Regular edition:
200 hand-numbered copies in the classic black jewelcase format, including a 6-page fold-out booklet.
And don’t forget to have a look to Wulfheim’s previous albums and side-projects that we have on exclusive distribution, most of them almost sold-out!!

WEEK CXC     [2015/09/17]:
It’s an immense pleasure for us to announce the incorporation of the Spanish black metal band Hyban Draco to the Darkwoods’ little family.
Formed almost ten years ago, these guys from Alcanar (Tarragona) come from these strange kind of non-conforming and tenacious bands that, album after album, recording after recording, are exponentially growing at a composer as much as an instrumental level, because of the need they have of offering an always better and revamped version of themselves.
So their music has been becoming, little by little, more complex and personal, increasingly incorporating more technical death metal elements to a mainly melodic black metal roots, until reaching these perfect equilibrium between both genres that achieved such good results at the middle nineties to bands like Sacramentum, Necrophobic or Dissection. However, everything here is done with a really meticulous and absolutely personal sound.
Being a band with a long trajectory, Hyban Draco have already released three full-length albums as well as three demos, they have worked along with well-known labels like the Britannic one Casket Music (from Copro Records), and they have toured in many occasions through Spain and also outside our frontiers, like the long tour they did though United Kingdom a couple of years ago.
It’s this non-conformism we talked about who made them not to be totally satisfied with how their third and last album to date, Where All Illusions Die, was finished, so they have shut down to its foundations and recomposed it once again... but this is a story that we will soon tell you, as you have for sure discerned, it will be our first joint collaboration. So keep an eye to our website as well as to our social networks, the time of the dragon is closest that you can imagine...
WEEK CLXXXIX     [2015/09/13]:
We finally have set the official date for the releasing of Crowland, the second Wulfheim’s full-length album, so it’s the time to update you all about the latest details of the edition, that will be the third reference of our most extreme and underground division, Darkness Within.
Crowland will be out in little more than one weeks, next September the 22th but, attention!!, preorders will be accepted from Tuesday 15 on the evening through our website!!!
As we already revealed, Crowland will be released in a first edition limited to only 66 hand-numbered copies on an exclusive 3-panel digifile with deluxe finish and the CD comes in black polycarbonate, and a second edition on the classic black jewelcase also limited to 200 hand-numbered copies.
Both editions will be taken by a very limited Fruit of the Loom black t-shirt run with the amazing new logo of the band designed by the magician Christophe Szpajdel on the front and, as in previous occasions, we are also preparing exclusive CD + t-shirt packs at a special price.
In a few days only you will find a full track taken from Crowland in our youtube channel as an advance of its official releasing!
WEEK CLXXXVIII     [2015/09/02]:
As we posted a few days ago, in Darkness Within we begin to work along with this true beast of the rawest, cruel and violent Black Metal called Wulfheim.
And as first step in this collaboration, we are going to release, for the first time in physical format, his best opus up-to-date, Crowland, his amazing second full-length album, a gem of eight really intense trademark songs, including the most extreme cover version ever done of the Gods Bathory, an album that until now could be only listened, and with a really bad sound, in digital format.
Despite having a one hundred per cent Wulfheim’s pure sound, Crowland is, at the same time, perhaps his most different and risky album, with much more presence of keyboards as well as symphonic elements over his other works, making Crowland a wider, open and, why not, varied album, although Wulfheim do not lose in any single moment this absolutely ferocity and extreme speed so characteristic in his music that make him unique.
Obviously this will not be an ordinary release, it will come with a new and really dark artwork half-done between our usual designer, el dios perezoso, and Wulfheim himself, including for the first time the amazing logo drawn for the band by the magician Christophe Szpajdel just a couple of months ago, and it will take as bonus the 2-tracks unreleased EP Hvarfheim, as the rest of the opus, released for the first time on physical format.
The first edition will be, as usual on Darkwoods releases, limited to only 66 hand-numbered copies on a deluxe and exclusive 3-panel digifile with high gloss finish and the CD comes in shining black polycarbonate, in other words, a true gem of black gold for your collection. Due to your insistence and the swiftness with which our special editions are sold-out, this time will be a second edition in the classic black jewelbox format, with a 6-page booklet and a slightly higher press-run, but also limited, to 200 hand-numbered copies.
There is no much time until Crowland sees the light of the day at last, actually it’s on the pressing plant and soon we will announce its releasing date, as well as when preorder will be accepted. So keep an eye to our website and to our social networks because, now more than ever, the wolf is coming...
WEEK CLXXXVI     [2015/08/20]:
We are really pleased to announce the incorporation of Wulfheim to the Darkness Within roster, the rawest and most underground division of Darkwoods.
It was something quite expected after the amazing reception of Svartden, one of his side projects raised along with the guys of Werther, and whose debut EP Black, actually almost sold-out, was released at the beginning of the year through Darkness Within as well.
Even though perhaps it’s not a very recognized name, Wulfheim is definitely not a newcomer in black metal. His first band, Armageddon, is considered as a pioneer of the genre in the south of Spain, and since he started his sole-project back in 2005, Wulfheim has already recorded three full-length albums plus some EPs and splits recordings released by well-renowned underground labels such as Mortis Humanae Productions or Negra Nit Distro.
Attempt to describe Wulfheim’s music is not an easy task, despite over the years he has managed to develop one of the easiest recognized sound of the world-wide black metal scene for its absolutely extreme ferocity and cruelty. It’s like the attack of a bloodthirsty wolf pack, mixing their howls and sharp bites with the desperate cries of their victim, well aware of the fact of his death and that it will be exceptionally painful.
Naming as reference the most violent days of bands such as Marduk or Dark Funeral is just a huge understatement, believe me, Wulfheim beat them all with any kind of doubt in all of his recordings. Never before black metal reached those levels of speed, rawness or crudity, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, such extreme as Wulfheim, is one of those bands that you hate to the death or inevitably adore forever.
Soon we will reveal our first joint collaboration that, as always, will be something quite special at the musical as well as the design level. So keep an eye to our website and to our social networks, you already know it, the wolf is coming...
WEEK CLXIV     [2015/03/20]:
Darkness Within is proud to announce that the amazing debut EP of the harsh and abrasives Sulphur Seas, is finally out!!
As we advanced, Sulphur Seas/ comes in a very original 5” deluxe digifile with an extra-matte finished and two inner flaps, as well as the black polycarbonate CD, in one and only print-run limited to only 66 hand-numbered copies/, although almost half of them gone on preorder, and it’s completed with two Fruit of the Loom t-shirt short-runs with different designs, one in white with a great exclusive design by Business for Satan and the other in black with the band’s seal designed by Horst Type Foundry, limited in both cases to only 15 copies per design, that you can get individually or in a pack at special price...
I don’t know why you are still reading this, act now and get your copy of this gem before it’s too late!!

WEEK CLXIII     [2015/03/14]:
Finally we can reveal that the eponymous debut EP of Sulphur Seas will be released on March 20 through Darkness Within... preorders begin from today March 14 only through our website, expect some wonders!!
WEEK CLXII     [2015/03/04]:
Having the final master in our hands, the artwork totally finished and the CD just to enter the pressing plant, it’s time to introduce you the homonymous debut EP from the abrasives Sulphur Seas...
Composed by four hymns of pure Sulphur plus an intro, Sulphur Seas is a quite different album to what we usually listen to from the Hispanic lands, with a gloomy but still powerful Black Metal of really direct sound, with few retouches and some progressive and schizophrenic elements, definitely a very high quality album as a really original purpose...
Recorded in the Autumn 2014 between Spain and France, voices and guitar lines were registered at Bulletproof Studios under the supervision of Daniel Patiño, who managed to create a really organic and dark sound rich of textures, meanwhile the talented Dim Obolenski registered the bass and programming lines in Sète, as well as the mixing and final mastering... the lyrics, sung in French, are focused into the sinister aspects of existence: death, illness, greed and lust...
The graphic aspects have been taken care to the smallest detail too, counting once again with the good work of el dios perezoso, under the guidelines and close supervision of the band itself, using as basis some wonderful vintage original photos taken by E.T., a so special artwork for a so special band that almost demanded us experiment one more time with the format...
Because this time the EP will be released in the biggest digifile that you have ever seen, 15x15cm, with an extra-matte finished and two inner flaps that gives the artwork a new dimension and depth, as well as the CD that comes in black polycarbonate... we can assure that you have never seen something like this in an extreme metal album...
Sulphur Seas will be released in one and only print-run limited to only 66 hand-numbered copies very soon, in a date still to be determined in March 2015... and, as an appetizer, we present you today the final cover of the EP, pure art necro...
WEEK CLXI     [2015/03/01]:
We have the immense privilege of announcing the new incorporation to Darkwoods, the second one to the Darkness Within/ roster, our sublabel dedicated to Black Metal... and this time we travel to the capital of Spain to discover one of those strange and unpredictable bands in equal proportion, Sulphur Seas...
Walking rarely frequented landscapes by other Spanish bands, Sulphur Seas proposal is close to the French avantgarde scene from bands such as Deathspell Omega or Blut aus Nord, mixing it with the classic Scandinavian Black Metal sound from Mayhem or Immortal and some heavier elements than can remember you to Arkhon Infaustus, SUP or Abigor...
Starting as band less than a year ago by the unstable minds of J. (voice) and A. (guitar), Sulphur Seas show us the extreme vision of the unvarnished truth through the eyes of two restless musicians in the shape a really special Black Metal, absolutely rough and abrasive, creative and groundbreaking, with lyrics sung in French which provide a much more distinctive touch to the whole picture...
A band like this could not go unnoticed to us... Sulhur Seas is as such different project, as such out-of-the-ordinary, with a so immense quality and so much future projection, that we saw them unquestionably as an essential piece for our Black Metal sublabel, Darkness Within...
Our first step together will come very very soon in the shape of an EP... and it will be something so special, I repeat, so special, that I prefer to talk about it in a few days once everything is closed... in the meantime remember their name, Sulphur Seas, they are called to be one of the breakout band from 2015, all in due time...
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