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  • Band: Carach Angren
  • Band: Dornenreich


Wonderful reissue on Season of Mist of "Lammendam", the great debut full-length album by the Dutch symphonic black-metalers Carach Angren, including three bonus tracks, all the stuff completely... [ read more ]

Price €9.95

CARACH ANGREN - This Is No Fairytale[CD]

Wonderful fourth full-length album by the Dutch Carach Angren, the true masters of horror metal, unleashing once again the demons with “This Is No Fairytale”, a dark tale of devilish witchcraft... [ read more ]

Price €9.95

DORNENREICH - Flammentriebe[CD]

Seventh full-length album by the Austrian pagans Dornenreich, that means in many ways the return to the tempestuous and wild sound from their earlier works, more deep-rooted into black metal,... [ read more ]

Price €10.95

DORNENREICH - Freiheit[Digipack CD]

Amazing eight full-length by the Austrian Dornenreich, bringing us with "Freiheit" the logical progression from their impressive acoustic album from 2008 "In Luft geritzt", an spectacle of... [ read more ]

Price €14.95

DORNENREICH - Her von welken Nächten[CD]

Third full-length album by Dornenreich, a fantastic Austrian band that plays an intense, tempestuous and really powerful pagan metal, a journey by the hidden and wildest side of Mother Nature in... [ read more ]

Price €10.95


Incredible fourth full-length album by the Austrian Dornenreich, that are back after almost five years of silence with a much more mystic, wise, mature and equable work, preserving their so... [ read more ]

Price €10.95

DORNENREICH - In Luft geritzt[CD]

Sixth full-length album by the Austrian Dornenreich... their more delicate, mystic and intimate work, the most rooted into folk, being almost acoustic in its whole, with sonorities close to... [ read more ]

Price €10.95