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DORNENREICH - Flammentriebe[CD]

Seventh full-length album by the Austrian pagans Dornenreich, that means in many ways the return to the tempestuous and wild sound from their earlier works, more deep-rooted into black metal,... [ read more ]

Price €10.95

DORNENREICH - Freiheit[Digipack CD]

Amazing eight full-length by the Austrian Dornenreich, bringing us with "Freiheit" the logical progression from their impressive acoustic album from 2008 "In Luft geritzt", an spectacle of... [ read more ]

Price €14.95

DORNENREICH - Her von welken Nächten[CD]

Third full-length album by Dornenreich, a fantastic Austrian band that plays an intense, tempestuous and really powerful pagan metal, a journey by the hidden and wildest side of Mother Nature in... [ read more ]

Price €10.95


Incredible fourth full-length album by the Austrian Dornenreich, that are back after almost five years of silence with a much more mystic, wise, mature and equable work, preserving their so... [ read more ]

Price €10.95

DORNENREICH - In Luft geritzt[CD]

Sixth full-length album by the Austrian Dornenreich... their more delicate, mystic and intimate work, the most rooted into folk, being almost acoustic in its whole, with sonorities close to... [ read more ]

Price €10.95

FEN - Carrion Skies[CD]

Fourth full-length album by the British blackers Fen, an album even more experimental and ambitious than their previous ones, beaker, harder, yet at the same time more ambient, a new step ahead... [ read more ]

Price €11.95

FEN - Dustwalker[CD]

Third full-length album by the British Fen, more and more reflective and experimental, but without leaving behind a shred of their characteristic cold rage black metal ... "Dustwalker" is the... [ read more ]

Price €11.95

FEN - Epoch[CD]

Dark and obscure second full-length album by the English Fen, continuing with "Epoch" the path followed by their previous works with this fusion among black metal, acoustic passages and... [ read more ]

Price €11.95

FEN - Epoch[Double Gatefold 12" LP]

Beautiful edition on double black vinyl and gatefold sleeve of "Epoch", the dark and obscure second full-length album by the English Fen, continuing with this fusion among black metal, acoustic... [ read more ]

Price €23.95

FEN - The Dead Light[Digipack CD]

Impressive sixth full-length album by the English trio Fen, one of those few bands that never disappoint... composed by eight new songs, "The Dead Light" is a new testimony of their so personal... [ read more ]

Price €12.95

FEN - The Malediction Fields[CD]

Amazing debut album by the British Fen, without any doubt, one of the most interesting band of the current extreme metal scene... atmospheric black metal full of acoustic melodies, half-ambient... [ read more ]

Price €11.95

FEN - Winter[CD]

Colossal fifth full-length album for the British three-piece, and most probably their best work to date, "Winter" means in some way a return to the roots, to the essence of Fen and their... [ read more ]

Price €12.95

MAYHEM - A Season In Blasphemy[3CD]

Amazing triple compilation CD with the three albums recorded by the Norwegians Mayhem for Season of Mist, the highly controversial album "Grand Declaration of War", the traditional black metal... [ read more ]

Price €18.95

MAYHEM - Chimera[CD]

Third full-length album by the Norwegian legend Mayhem, presenting us with "Chimera" eight tracks of a diabolical black metal in its purest form with which the band reclaims the throne of... [ read more ]

Price €10.95

MAYHEM - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas[CD]

Perhaps "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", the debut full-length album by the Norwegians Mayhem, is the most iconic album in the history of black metal, both musical and extra musical level, if you... [ read more ]

Price €12.95

MAYHEM - Deathcrush[MCD]

There is no doubt that "Deathcrush", the mythic EP by the Norwegians Mayhem is, along with their first album, "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", the two essential and indispensable works from the band... [ read more ]

Price €10.95

MAYHEM - Esoteric Warfare[Digipack CD]

Last copies of the first limited edition on deluxe digipack of "Esoteric Warfare" the fifth full-length album of the Norwegians pioneers Mayhem, ten new tracks in which Necrobutcher, Hellhammer,... [ read more ]

Price €11.95

MAYHEM - Live in Leipzig[CD]

Fantastic reissue on Peaceville Records of "Live in Leipzig", the mythic live album from the gods Mayhem, recorded back in 1990 in Germany by the classic line-up of Dead, Euronymous,... [ read more ]

Price €10.95

MAYHEM - Live in Sarpsbor[12" LP]

Limited edition on 180 gram black vinyl of "Live in Sarpsbor", another of the mythic live-recordings done by the former Mayhem (Dead, Euronymous, Necrobutcher and Hellhamer) in Sarpsbor... [ read more ]

Price €17.95

MAYHEM - Live in Zeitz[CD]

Official CD release of "Live in Zeitz", the legendary show performed by the iconic Mayhem line-up of Dead, Euronymous, Necrobutcher and Hellhamer in the German city of Zeitz during their 1990... [ read more ]

Price €10.95

MAYHEM - Mediolanum Capta Est[CD]

Reissue through Peaceville of "Mediolanum Capta Est", the mythic live-album of the Norwegians Mayhem, recorded in Milan at the end of 1998 with the great Maniac on voices...

[ read more ]
Price €10.95

MAYHEM - Ordo ad Chao[CD]

Fourth full-length album by the Norwegians Mayhem, featuring the return of the "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" mythic vocalist Attila Csihar after Maniac left the band, eight tracks conform "Ordo ad... [ read more ]

Price €10.95