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  • Band: Troll

TROLL - Drep de kristne[CD]

Last available copies of this true gem of the Norwegian black metal, “Drep de kristne”, the debut full-length album by Troll, the legendary sole-project by Nagash (Covenant, Dimmu Borgir, Carpe... [ read more ]

Price €19.95

TROLL - Neo-Satanic Supremacy[CD]

Unexpected return of the Norwegian myth Troll, you know, the most personal project of the genius Nagash (Dimmu Borgir, Covenant, Carpe Tenebrum...), y it does it at best!!, with an spectacular... [ read more ]

Price €14.95

TROLL - The Last Predators[CD]

Last available copies of “The Last Predators”, the amazing second full-length album from the Norwegian black metal legends Troll, in which Nagash (Covenant, Dimmu Borgir, Carpe Tenebrum...)... [ read more ]

Price €17.95

TROLL - Universal[CD]

Last available copies of the first press on Head Not Found of “Universal”, the impressive third full-length album from the Norwegian myth Troll, repeating the same all-stars line-up than in... [ read more ]

Price €13.95