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ENTHRONED - Obsidium[CD]

Return of this Belgian institution called Enthroned with "Obsidium", their ninth full-length album and, more than likely, their best work in the last few years, nine outstanding tracks of... [ read more ]

Price €10.95

HULDREFOLK - Eeuwenhout[CD]

Brutal debut album of the Belgian trolls Huldrefolk, presenting us with "Eeuwenhout" ten fulminant tracks of a pestilent black metal in the vein of the old Gorgoroth or Carpathian Forest, with... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

NEMESIS IRAE - Eradikate Kampaign[CD]

Third full-length album of the Belgians Nemesis Irae, eight bullets of archetypal black metal orthodoxy, full of fury and true evilness, mixing with some deathly elements and some mid-tempo... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

SAILLE - Eldritch[Digipack CD]

Last copies from the first edition on limited 8-panel digipack of "Eldritch", the third full-lenght album by the Belgium horde Saille, nine tracks of trademarked one hundred per cent symphonic... [ read more ]

Price €10.95

SAILLE - Eldritch[Double Gatefold 12" LP]

Amazing edition on double "frosty clear" vinyl with gatefold sleeve limited to only 300 copies of "Eldritch", the third full-lenght album by the Belgium horde Saille, nine tracks of trademarked... [ read more ]

Price €25.95

SAILLE - Gnosis[Digipack CD]

First edition on limited 6-panel digipack of "Gnosis", the stellar fourth full-length album by the Belgium symphonic black metal band Saille, a concept record exploring the world of the... [ read more ]

Price €10.95

SAILLE - Irreversible Decay[Digipack CD]

Amazing debut album of the Belgians Saille, a work, "Irreversible Decay", formed by nine tracks of a very fast and aggressive black metal in the vein of the great "Armada" from Keep of Kalessin,... [ read more ]

Price €10.95


Second full-length album of the Belgians Saille, if their debut were amazing, "Ritu" is even much better!! Really symphonic, fast and obscure black metal, full of epic and majestic passages, a... [ read more ]

Price €10.95

WAELCYRGE - Nithstang[CD]

The Belgian KlanKult Waelcyrge is back with its second full-length album "Nithstang", perfected its trademark blend of old-school raw black thrash metal with pulsating pagan metal... no flutes,... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

ZARDENS - Blackness Unfolds[CD]

Second full-length album of the Belgium horde Zarden that offer us with "Blackness Unfolds" ten new intense tracks in the line of their previous album, playing quite classic black death metal... [ read more ]

Price €7.95