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  • Musical Style: Pagan | Viking | Folk
  • Country: Poland

GONTYNA KRY - Arystokracja Ducha[CD]

Third full-length album of Warterz Neur and his Gontyna Kry, one of the oldest and most respected acts of the Polish black metal scene, showing us with "Arystokracja Ducha" nine tracks of a much... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

NEOHERESY - Talionis[Digipack CD]

Second full-length album of the prolific musician F. with his most recent project Neoheresy, that is just the new incarnation of his mythic band Hellveto... ten amazing songs of this pagan black... [ read more ]

Price €8.95

NORTH - Na Polach Bitew[CD]

Brutal fourth full-length album of the Polish North and its original fusion between epic and powerful black metal with an aggressive thrash-enrooted death metal , seasoned with pagan lyrics...... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

STWORZ - Blask wiecznego Ognia[CD]

Compilation album with the tracks originally included in their first demo "Blask nad Wiecznymi Lasami" released on 2008, and the ones from the split with Wolforder "The Art of Fire" released on... [ read more ]

Price €7.95


New EP of the Polish horde Swarost, five new tracks of this raw and primitive heathen black metal so characteristic of the bands from the East side of Europe, as wild and unmerciful as the... [ read more ]

Price €5.95