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  • Label: Le Crepuscule du Soir Productions
  • Label: Satanath Records
  • Country: Italy
  • Country: Poland

BEYOND LIFE - Blackened Sky[CD]

Debut Beyond Life's full-length album, a dark ambient project with so much elements from the most depressive black metal, mixing really oppressive atmospheres with dissonant guitars and... [ read more ]

Price €7.95


Debut full-length album of the Italians Gôr Mörgûl, band that plays a fast and aggressive yet quite technical death metal with some really interesting black metal touches... pure heretical... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

GOTTESMORDER - Gottesmorder[Digipack MCD]

Amazing reedition on digipack format of the debut EP of the Italians Gottesmorder, two very long tracks of oppressive post-black metal halfway between the Swedish Shining and the French Blut Aus... [ read more ]

Price €5.95

LUGBURZ - Pure Misanthropy of Death[CD]

Second full-length album of the Polish horde Lugburz, forty minutes of fast and raw black metal with some retro-thrash touches is what they offer us with "Pure Misanthropy of Death", pure... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

VOLLMOND - Rituals of Conquest[CD]

Amazing second full-length album of the Italians Vollmond, side-project of Peter from Blaze of Sorrow along with members from Aphatia, Tundra or Kaiserreich, playing a melancholic and eerie... [ read more ]

Price €7.95