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  • Label: Lupus Lounge Records

DRAUTRAN - Throne of the Depths[CD]

Debut album of this young German band that plays a furious and highly atmospheric pagan metal in a very Nordic vein that could remember you from Emperor to Immortal or even to Nagelfar...

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Price €10.95


First full-length album of this very interesting German black metal band that mix traditional elements with more experiment and avantgarde ones, and some pagan atmospheres really amazing... they... [ read more ]

Price €10.95

FARSOT - Insects[Digifile CD]

Second full-length album of the Germans with their intricate and progressive black metal, walking by strange and totally innovative landscapes... only for open-mind and searchers of new... [ read more ]

Price €13.95

NEGURĂ BUNGET - Sala Molksa[Digipack 2CD]

Outstanding reissue on double digipack limited to only 2000 copies of "Sala Molksa", the long 5-tracks EP recorded by Romanian pagans Negură Bunget between their two first full-length, that also... [ read more ]

Price €13.95

NEGURĂ BUNGET - Tău[Digipack CD]

Impressive limited first edition on 8-panel digipack of "Tău", the seventh studio album from the Romanian legends Negură Bunget, a work that blends even more the harsh and atmospheric pagan... [ read more ]

Price €15.95
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NEGURĂ BUNGET - Zi[Gatefold 12" LP]

Astounding limited edition to 500 copies on 180gr. black vinyl and gatefold sleeve, that also includes special vinyl mastering, printed inner sleeve, poster and luxury PVD protection sleeve of... [ read more ]

Price €19.95

NEGURĂ BUNGET - Zi[Slipcase Digipack CD]

Exceptional limited first edition on 8-panel digipack with slipcase of "Zi", the eighth full-length album by the Romanians Negură Bunget, the second in their "Transilvanian Trilogy", a new and... [ read more ]

Price €13.95