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  • Label: Red Stream

FOREST OF IMPALED - Rise and Conquer[CD]

Returning of the guys from Chicago, after four years of silence, with their amazing third full-length album entitled "Rise and Conquer", eight tracks of apocalyptic blackened death metal... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

HIMINBJORG - Where Ravens Fly[CD]

First full-length album of one of the best pagan metal bands from our nearby country, a powerful, fast and aggressive album, full of great melodies and battle hymns that will catch you... [ read more ]

Price €9.95

KRIEG - Destruction Ritual[CD]

Second full-length album of this extreme black metal project leaded by Imperial, absolutely wild, raw, insane and dement, with this dirty sound so characteristic in the most underground black... [ read more ]

Price €9.95