Product information

I am looking for an item on the website but cannot find it.

When an item is not listed on the website, this means that it is out of stock. All our items are not necessarily resupplied.

If one of the items we have offered is not in stock, please get in touch with us to know whether or not it will be restocked.

If you are interested in something that is not listed on the website, please get in touch with us and we will try to search it among our distributors. In order for your information request to be handled with maximum efficiency, please include the following details: Band's name, album's name, format...

Are all the items on the site available?

Our website reflects our current stock (CDs, Vinyls, DVDs, Blu-ray, Merchandising, Zines...), so everything is avalable and ready to ship.

However, items ordered are deducted from the stock only upon validation of the order. Thus, an item available in limited quantity can be ordered by several people before the site is updated. In these cases, any order that we can not handle will be refunded.

Our website and stock information are updated on a daily basis.

Payment methods

Payment by credit card.

Payment by credit card is done through Mercanet.

The payment account is charged upon validation of the order or pre-order into our system, and not upon shipment of the order.

Refunds are proceeded through the medium of payment selected by the customer (Mercanet).

Credit Card: In which currency can I pay?

Please note we only accept payments in EURO.

Credit card: Why my credit card is not accepted?

Credit Card types (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.) available are mentioned on the payment pages. Please make sure that the card you are about to use is part of that list.

If the card type is accepted and your payment is still denied, please make sure you have correctly entered the information on your card (name, card number, visual cryptogram, date of validity, or any other information requested).

If other problems occur or if the payment still fails, please contact your bank.

Payment by PayPal.

Payment can be made through PayPal after you have opened an account there. Please check PayPal for further information.

Any refund for unavailability of items will be processed via PayPal.

Payment by bank transfer.

Your order is recorded when you click on the button "bank transfer". You will receive an email confirmation containing the banking details required to complete the transfer. These banking details will also be displayed on the website immediately after confirmation of your order.

To ensure that your order is quickly processed, please enter your order's identification number in the wording of the transfer during the payment process. It is sometimes very difficult to trace unlabeled orders, which is why these will not be treated as a priority.

We will ship the order after our bank has notified us of the bank transfer. If we have not received it within 7 days after the registration of your order, an e-mail reminder will be automatically sent. If we do not receive confirmation within 2 weeks of the registration of the order, it will be canceled.

Payment by cash on delivery.

Cash on delivery is only available for Spanish Territory.

Payment by cash and money orders.

We do not accept payment by International Money Order or Cash Mandate.

We do not accept cash sent by post.

Shipping methods and shipping cost

Free shipping conditions.

Shipping to Spain is free, provided that the price of the order is at least 70 € and that its weight does not exceed 5kg (11 lbs).

This offer is limited to the use of a designated shipping company.

If you wish to choose another carrier, one providing tracking of the package for example, shipping costs will not be free.

Parcel tracking and choice of the shipping company.

When your order is registered, you can choose among a selection of various shipping methods.

That selection depends on where you live as all carriers don't service the whole world.

All carriers offer parcel tracking. Once you receive the email notification stating that your order has shipped, you will be able to track the parcel by clicking the link in the email or going to the order tracking page in your customer account. There you will find an internet link leading to the tracking of the parcel on the website of the chosen carrier.

Delivery time.

Packages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment.

Delivery times will vary according to the carrier. When it is possible to figure out these times, they will be displayed during the validation of your order, when selecting the carrier.

Shipping costs calculation.

Shipping costs are based on weight and location and are automatically calculated at checkout after you show your address. Parcels up to 2kg show the option of standard or registered shipping. Please consider all packages over 2kg will be shipped only under registered shipping option with tracking number provided.

To obtain an estimation of the shipping costs of your order, once all the selected items have been added to your cart, simply click on the "Get a quote" in the "My Cart" area located at the top of the website.

Order information

Status of the order.

You can monitor in real time the status of your orders in your account. Find below the explanation of the different status:

  • Pending Payment (bank transfer, check): The Payment expected status designates an order which has been placed via the Shop and which payment has not been completed yet. Those are orders paid by cheque or bank transfer. You will be notified by email when we receive your payment and the status of the order will change.
  • Payment accepted by Sips: The Validating payment designates an order paid via Paypal, which may have been done on the selected website but have not been received yet by our company. When the payment is received, you will be notified by email and the status of the order will change.
  • Processing: This status means that your order has been properly saved and your payment has been registered. All required conditions have been completed and your order can now be processed.
  • Pre-order: The Pre-order status means your order includes at least 1 item on pre-order. Your order will not be shipped before this/these item(s) is/are available.You will be notified by email when your order is available.
  • Cancelled: The Cancelled / Refunded status means your order has been cancelled and refunded (when necessary). We will inform you of this refund by email.
  • Complete: The Shipped status means your order has been sent.

Complains and return policy

An item is missing from my order.

If one or several items you ordered is out of stock, you will be notified by email, then you can change it for another one or being reimbursed of the missing item(s) of your purchase (monetary refund if your payment was made through PayPal, or as internal credit usable on a future order for other payment methods).

The item does not match my wishes.

Returns are possible but are subject to conditions:

  • We accept returns of damaged goods only if the customer has chosen a registered shipping method. Return fees supported by the customer and the shipping cost of the replacement product will be at our expense.
  • If the item you received does not match your order, please get in touch with us. Upon reception of your return parcel, we will send you the item you wished for at our expense. You will also be compensated for the shipping costs of the return.
  • If you made a mistake during your order, we accept the return of your parcel (if you sent us the stuff in perfect contition) but do not support any extra shipping costs.