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HEIDEN - Obsidian[CD]

Fourth full-length album from the Czech blackers, with a much more mature sound, experimental, dark and decadent than in their first works, with some doom and depressive black touches... really... [ read more ]

Price €7.95


Fifth full-length album of the Czech maniacs, one of the few bands that only releases true gems... bastard and fucking intense headbanging black metal monster, taking it totally over the top,... [ read more ]

Price €7.95


Ten years after the fantastic "Epitaph", that seemed the last of their career, the Czech butchers are back with their seventh full-length album, showing they are as barbarian and powerful as... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

ROOT - Kärgeräs[CD]

Finally "Kärgeräs", the mythic four full-length album of the no less mythic Czech band Root, is re-released on CD format, including as well an eleven minutes bonus track simply entitled... [ read more ]

Price €7.95


Second full-length album of this Czech band, fast and intense black metal opus without remorse, a direct stab into the stomach that leaves you bleeding 'til death comes...

[ read more ]
Price €7.95

SEKHMET - Pomsta pekelných legií[CD]

Finally the re-edition of "Pomsta pekelných legií", the first demo of the amazing Czech band Sekhmet is here!! Originally released in 2005, the new edition comes on professional CD with a... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

SLUNOVRAT - Sword & Iron Cross[CD]

Debut album of the Czech band Slunovrat, with members from the mythic black metal combo Enochian or Silva Negra, which plays a heathen black metal with many thrash elements and amazing ambient... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

UNHOLY KILL - Znamení Hoří[CD]

First and only album of this Czech band with Grondhaat's members that plays a raw and furious black metal, very in the Nordic vein, that will remember you from the old Immortal or Darkthrone,... [ read more ]

Price €7.95