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  • Label: Lower Silesian Stronghold
  • Country: Poland

BELIAR - Arcana Imperii[MCD]

First effort of the Polish horde Beliar in the shape of a 6-tracks EP entitled "Arcana Imperii", playing a powerful and devastating black metal in the satanic vein, full of hate and cruelty...... [ read more ]

Price €5.95

DARK FURY - Saligia[CD]

Fifth full-length album of this Polish band with Selbstmord and Thor's Hammer members... raw and devastating black metal with some depressive touches and incorrect politically lyrics and... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

DARK FURY - Semper Fidelis[CD]

Really long compilation of rarities to celebrate the Dark Fury's first 15 years of madness, a selection of song extracted from their first demos "Turning into Ashes" and "Carnivore", their... [ read more ]

Price €7.95


Seventh full-length album of this Polish band member of the pagan... raw and inhuman black metal with totally incorrect politically lyrics and attitude...

[ read more ]
Price €7.95

FLAME OF WAR - Long Live Death![CD]

Fourth full length album of this project leaded by Njord, Dark Fury's guitar, with P., also from the extreme Polish band, on drums... dirty, fast and raw black metal, but also with some melodic... [ read more ]

Price €7.95


New EP of the Polish horde Swarost, five new tracks of this raw and primitive heathen black metal so characteristic of the bands from the East side of Europe, as wild and unmerciful as the... [ read more ]

Price €5.95

WSCHÓD - O Dumie, Sile i Ogniu[CD]

Debut album of this side-project of the Polish musician P., drummer among other bands in Dark Fury and Flame of War... in Wschód he plays absolutely all instruments, as well as vocal lines, with... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

WSCHÓD - Oddalenie[CD]

Second and last full-length album, before its change of name, of this one-man project of P., drummer in Dark Fury and Flame of War... in a really darkest vein, less extreme and violent than the... [ read more ]

Price €7.95