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Black Metal

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  • Musical Style: Pagan | Viking | Folk
  • Label: Lower Silesian Stronghold

CELTIC DANCE - Ancient Battlecry[CD]

Finally on CD the debut full-length album of the Portuguese Celtic Dance, re-recorded on 2013 with a totally new artwork, eight tracks of raw and harsh black metal with some pagan touches in the... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

GEIMHRE - Mollachd[CD]

Impressive reissue through Hammer of Damnation and Lower Silesian Stronghold of the debut full-length album of the Canadians blackers Geimhre, originally released by the mythic label Vinland... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

STORMSTONE - Heirs of All Fights[MCD]

Edition on professional CD of the first and only demo of this side-project from Erun (Briargh, Crystal Moors, Forestdome...) playing interesting pagan black metal in the vein of the old... [ read more ]

Price €5.95


New EP of the Polish horde Swarost, five new tracks of this raw and primitive heathen black metal so characteristic of the bands from the East side of Europe, as wild and unmerciful as the... [ read more ]

Price €5.95