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CANAAN - Contro.Luce[Super-Jewel Box]

Sixth full-length album of Canaan, a work hardly comparable to what the band has done before, much more atmospheric, cold wave or even ethnic, but still really dark an sinister... a journey from... [ read more ]

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Second full-length album by the Celtiberian bards Cuélebre, ten tracks conform "Anaman", maybe more ritualistic than in their debut "Oinos", more primitive, including more traditional... [ read more ]

Price €9.95
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CUÉLEBRE - Dijara[Digipack CD]

Standard edition on 4-panel digipack limited to 150 copies worldwide of "Dijara", the third full-length album by the amazing Celtiberian pagan folk project Cuélebre, including 8-page booklet and... [ read more ]

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Debut studio album for this amazing project of medieval pagan folk called Cuélebre... "Oinos" is formed by ten spiritual tracks based on the mythology and traditions from the Celtiberian tribes,... [ read more ]

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DRAUGURINN - Móðuharðindin[CD]

Third full-length album of this Swedish project of ritual dark ambient called Draugurinn, six tracks conforms "Móðuharðindin" that suppose a real chamanic spiritual journey to the ancestral... [ read more ]

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EMPYRIUM - Weiland[Digipack CD]

The jewel in the crown... "Weiland" is, no doubt, one of the best albums of pure romantic dark folk ever released, the Empyrium's masterpiece, an acoustic wonder full of magic and mysticism that... [ read more ]

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LÖNNDOM - Fälen Från Norr[CD]

Reedition with a slightly different artwork of the debut album of this Swedish band emerged from the ashes of Armagedda, but in a totally different vein... atmospheric folk metal with some rock... [ read more ]

Price €9.95

LÖNNDOM - Fälen Från Norr[CD]

Debut album of this Swedish band emerged from the ashes of the great Armagedda, but in a totally different vein... folk metal really atmospheric and with some rock elements inheritor of other of... [ read more ]

Price €9.95

PAZUZU - And All Was Silent...[CD]

Last copies of this true gem of the darkwave from the nineties totally sold-out nowadays, "And All Was Silent...", the debut full-length album by Pazuzu, a side-project of the first Summoning,... [ read more ]

Price €11.95

PENITENT - Reflections of Past Memory[CD]

Rare Bulgarian production by this master of classic orchestral, dramatic, dark and apocalyptic ambient... features forgotten recordings of his first period, from 1997 to 1999, plus three remixes... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

SOMNARE - Bellum Esse[CD]

Amazing debut full-length album by Somnare, a neoclassical darkwave band from Madrid founded by Pilar Molina (Aeldaborn) and DP Rey (Wrong), eight melancholic and decadent tracks with incredible... [ read more ]

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URUK-HAI - Elbenstahl[CD]

Amazing new album of the Austrian musician Alexander "Hugin" Weiser and his Uruk-Hai, with the Summoning's permission, the band that better transfers the magic spirit of Tolkien's Middle Earth... [ read more ]

Price €7.95

URUK-HAI - The Fellowship[CD]

Last album for one of the closest projects to the J.R.R Tolkien's concept and world, the one from the Austrian musician Alexander "Hugin" Weiser and his Uruk-Hai, presenting us with "The... [ read more ]

Price €7.95