Envíos y devoluciones

Shipping methods and shipping cost

Shipping costs calculation

Shipping costs are based on weight and location and are automatically calculated at checkout after you show your address. You can choose among a selection of various shipping methods. Parcels up to 2 Kg. show the option of standard or registered shipping. Please consider all packages over 2 Kg. will be shipped only under registered shipping option with tracking number provided.

To obtain an estimation of the shipping costs of your order, once all the selected items have been added to your cart, simply click on the "Get a quote" in the "My Cart" area located at the top of the website.

Parcel tracking

Only registered shippings offer parcel tracking. Once you receive the email notification stating that your order has shipped, you will be able to track the parcel by clicking the link in the email or going to the order tracking page in your customer account. There you will find an internet link leading to the tracking of the parcel on the website of the chosen carrier.


Packages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment and are shipped via Spanish National Postal Service (Correos).

We take really care of our packages, all your items will be well-protected to avoid any issue on shipping. Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs.

Delivery times will vary according to the carrier and location. When it is possible to figure out these times, they will be displayed during the validation of your order, when selecting the carrier.

Complains and return policy

An item is missing from my order

If one or several items you ordered is out of stock, you will be notified by email, then you can change it for another one or being reimbursed of the missing item(s) of your purchase (monetary refund if your payment was made through PayPal, or as internal credit usable on a future order for other payment methods).

Return policy

Returns are possible but are subject to conditions:

  • First and foremost, we are not responsible for lost or damaged parcels shipped by standard and non-registered methods. Please consider your goods always to be shipped under registered shipping option to avoid any issue.
  • We accept returns of seriously damaged goods (big crack on spine, vinyl crack, vinyl defect unable to be played, etc.). Small corner hits are not a serious damage on product, we pack carefully to avoid such minor problems.
  • Return fees supported by the customer and the shipping cost of the replacement product will be at our expense.
  • If the item you received does not match your order, please get in touch with us. Upon reception of your return parcel, we will send you the item you wished for at our expense. You will also be compensated for the shipping costs of the return.
  • Merchandising items will not be replaced due to size mistakes, check you size or ask for more information.
  • If you made a mistake during your order, we accept the return of your parcel (if you send us the goods in perfect contition) but do not support any extra shipping costs.