Formas de pago aceptadas

Payment methods

General terms

Payment can be processed by PayPal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Western Union. Cash on delivery is only available for Spanish Territory, so anyone from around the world with a valid credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners, etc...) or a PayPal balance can order safely from us.

The prices are based on € (EURO). The system will convert the current exchange rate to your current currency and this will be shown on your credit card bill.

Payment by credit card

Payment by credit card is done through Mercanet.

The payment account is charged upon validation of the order or pre-order into our system, and not upon shipment of the order.

Refunds are proceeded through the medium of payment selected by the customer (Mercanet).

Credit card: Why my credit card is not accepted?

Credit Card types (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.) available are mentioned on the payment pages. Please make sure that the card you are about to use is part of that list.

If the card type is accepted and your payment is still denied, please make sure you have correctly entered the information on your card (name, card number, visual cryptogram, date of validity, or any other information requested).

If other problems occur or if the payment still fails, please contact your bank.

Payment by PayPal

Payment can be made through PayPal after you have opened an account there. Please check PayPal for further information.

Any refund for unavailability of items will be processed via PayPal.

Payment by bank transfer

Your order is recorded when you click on the button "bank transfer". You will receive an email confirmation containing the banking details required to complete the transfer. These banking details will also be displayed on the website immediately after confirmation of your order.

To ensure that your order is quickly processed, please enter your order's identification number in the wording of the transfer during the payment process. It is sometimes very difficult to trace unlabeled orders, which is why these will not be treated as a priority.

We will ship the order after our bank has notified us of the bank transfer. If we have not received it within 7 days after the registration of your order, an e-mail reminder will be automatically sent. If we do not receive confirmation within 2 weeks of the registration of the order, it will be canceled.

Payment by cash on delivery

Cash on delivery is only available for Spanish Territory.

Payment by cash and money orders

We do not accept payment by International money order or cash mandate.

We do not accept cash sent by post.