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MAYHEM - A Season In Blasphemy[3CD]

Amazing triple compilation CD with the three albums recorded by the Norwegians Mayhem for Season of Mist, the highly controversial album "Grand Declaration of War", the traditional black metal... [ read more ]

Price €17.95

MAYHEM - Chimera[CD]

Third full-length album by the Norwegian legend Mayhem, presenting us with "Chimera" eight tracks of a diabolical black metal in its purest form with which the band reclaims the throne of... [ read more ]

Price €10.95

MAYHEM - Esoteric Warfare[Digipack CD]

Last copies of the first limited edition on deluxe digipack of "Esoteric Warfare" the fifth full-length album of the Norwegians pioneers Mayhem, ten new tracks in which Necrobutcher, Hellhammer,... [ read more ]

Price €11.95

MAYHEM - Live in Sarpsbor[12" LP]

Limited edition on 180 gram black vinyl of "Live in Sarpsbor", another of the mythic live-recordings done by the former Mayhem (Dead, Euronymous, Necrobutcher and Hellhamer) in Sarpsbor... [ read more ]

Price €17.95

MAYHEM - Mediolanum Capta Est[CD]

Reissue through Peaceville of "Mediolanum Capta Est", the mythic live-album of the Norwegians Mayhem, recorded in Milan at the end of 1998 with the great Maniac on voices...

[ read more ]
Price €10.95

MAYHEM - Ordo ad Chao[CD]

Fourth full-length album by the Norwegians Mayhem, featuring the return of the "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" mythic vocalist Attila Csihar after Maniac left the band, eight tracks conform "Ordo ad... [ read more ]

Price €10.95